article AUSTRIA has long been known as a nation of lazy, self-absorbed, selfless, lazy, lazy people, who, when it comes to climate change, are as clueless as they are ignorant.

The reality is that it has always been this way.

As a nation, Australia has never really cared about the climate, as long as its got a bunch of coal and oil and gas to get through a difficult time.

Climate change has never been a priority for Australia.

Australia has always cared about energy.

Australia has always had a great relationship with energy, and we have always been a global energy superpower.

Australia can’t possibly be in the same league as the US, China, India, Russia, Brazil, or anyone else who wants to be.

Australia is not the only one.

We have always had the problem of being very politically correct, and Australia was always very politically incorrect.

So we have been a bit politically correct in Australia.

And we are still a bit political correct in other countries, and it’s very difficult to do.

So I don’t think we have got the climate problems all on our own.

And in some countries, like New Zealand and South Africa, we have had really difficult times, but we have kept our head up and done really well.

In other countries like the UK and Canada, we are at the bottom of the table.

So the question now is: Is it time to be politically correct?

Australia, as an example, is not a great country to be a global power.

It has always done a lot of things that make it appear to be, which is a good thing, but in reality it is a lot like a country that is a bit stupid.

If we have to do something in the next 10 years to try and make Australia a better place to live in, it’s going to be because we’re going to have to take a really, really big step.

We’re not going to get a lot done overnight, but it’s a very, very, long process.

We can start by getting the politics right.

It’s not a big surprise that in the last election we did not win enough seats in the House of Representatives to govern Australia.

We had a massive campaign.

In order to govern the country, you’ve got to get the policy right, the laws right, and you’ve also got to have the courage to do that.

I don’t want to be too quick to blame the Prime Minister for the lack of climate action.

He’s a brilliant man, and he knows how to do it.

But the Prime Minster’s job is not to make policy, it is to make a good case to voters, and that’s what the Australian people have done.

He’s been doing it since the last time the people of Australia elected him, and this is a very long process, and the Prime Ministers job is to be the leader of the Opposition.

And he has to have a very strong leadership.

But if the Australian public is not ready to go out and change things in Australia, and if they are not ready for a political party that is not in the business of delivering policies for them, then I don’st think he’s got the right job.