The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin is already used to create digital currency for the masses, and it will soon be used to power a whole range of cryptocurrency services, from smart contracts to mobile apps.

Now, as we look ahead to the arrival of the next wave of crypto currency, we have another potential target to exploit: potato power.

We all know the potato power meme, which has been popularised by a popular video game show called The Potato Game.

The video series was hosted by former Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who played the character of ‘Mr Potato’ in the game.

In the series, Mr Potato gets into a power struggle with a giant potato.

The show has since been renewed for a third season, with the characters Mr Potato, Potato King, Mr Kettle and Mr Potatohead being among the protagonists.

A recent Bitcoin community thread on the site showed a user posting a video of the series online, and described the series as “the best thing I’ve ever seen”.

But what exactly is a potato power?

The potato power phenomenon is not just about using a computer or a smartphone to create a cryptocurrency.

In fact, the concept of a potato can actually be a powerful one.

While potatoes are a type of vegetable, they are not technically vegetables.

They are a fruit, which are used in food production.

When you boil them, the liquid inside the fruit turns into starch.

This helps keep the potato stable in the oven.

However, potatoes are actually a plant-based food that can be made from many different parts, including seeds and fibres.

The process of using a potato to produce a cryptocurrency could potentially be used for anything from building smart contracts or smart apps, to using the power of a blockchain to create smart contracts that can automate or secure transactions.

This could be the perfect time to start using potato power for cryptocurrency services like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If the trend continues, it could lead to a new generation of cryptocurrency developers.

The potato meme is a bit overblown, but it has certainly helped the potato brand.

This article was originally published on CoinLab and was republished with permission.