National Geographic Magazine on Wednesday published the first photos from its journey across America, in which the magazine took some of the most extraordinary pictures of the country and its people.

The magazine’s “America” series, which focuses on the U.S. and the world, featured a wide range of people and places on the way, from New York City’s skyscrapers to the deserts of Colorado.

The photos from the series are breathtaking and the result of an ambitious and ambitious crew.

The team from National Geographic traveled from the Midwest to Alaska to shoot the series in the U-turns of the nation.

They spent more than a year in the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico, taking photos of all the U, S. and Canadian cities and the unique landscapes and people that inhabit them.

The series features more than 1,000 photographs of people from around the world.

They include a group of migrants in Mexico, a group in the Pacific Northwest and a group walking across the border in Texas.

Some of the subjects featured in the series have not been seen before.

The first image of the U -turns from a National Geographic team’s perspective shows a group from Canada.

They are standing in front of a sign that reads “Welcome” in English, as seen in this image released on Wednesday, June 18, 2017.

The photo was taken from a road near the border of Ontario, Canada.

The next image of a group is taken in the Arctic Circle.

It was taken on July 13, 2016.

The group is walking along the Arctic coast of Russia.

The Arctic Ocean is covered in ice, and there are large icebergs in the distance.

The team was photographing a whale, which is often a common sight on the ice.

This photo of a young child on a beach in Mexico is taken from the border town of Nuevo Leon.

The child has a white t-shirt on, and is wearing a pink sweater, a hat and sandals.

This image was taken in Nueva Ecija, Mexico, on June 26, 2017, about 45 miles (64 kilometers) from the coast.

The photo of an elderly woman in a nursing home is taken at the edge of the United Arab Emirates, and the man is dressed in an orange jacket, a black hat and a white shirt.

This is taken near Dubai International Airport, the capital of the emirate.

The man is wearing white shirt and brown pants, while the woman is wearing pink shirt and red pants.

This was taken at a nursing facility in the UAE.

This image of an American family on a train in Europe is taken June 20, 2017 from Vienna, Austria.

The family is wearing black jackets and blue jeans.

This photo was snapped by a camera mounted on the train’s overhead mirror.

This is a picture taken by a drone from a plane.

The camera was mounted on a truck, and this is the same image taken by the drone in the Netherlands.

This view is taken by an aerial photograph.

The final image of National Geographic’s team from the U .

S. is taken on a railroad in Michigan.

The woman in the blue shirt is walking in the background.

The photographer was flying a camera from a drone, and he was also capturing a photo of the family.

The photos were taken on June 18 through July 13.

This picture was taken just after the final train in Michigan, and it shows the last train to leave the U S. at Detroit International Airport.

The train was heading to Detroit from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This was taken by National Geographic photographer Jason Leinonen on June 17, 2017 during the final trains journey from Detroit to Chicago.

This shot of a family in a suburban home was taken July 1, 2017 at the end of the last trains journey.

This family is standing in the middle of a driveway, while two children are sitting on a couch.

This photograph was taken during the last scheduled train from Chicago to Chicago, which left Detroit at 10:22 p.m.

The last train left the city at 9:20 p..m., and this family was waiting for the train in the suburbs.

The last photograph taken on National Geographic and National Geographic Adventure is a photo taken July 13 from the shore of Lake Michigan, Michigan, to the shoreline of Lake Ontario, Ontario.

This close-up of a lake is one of the best views of Lake Erie, a popular destination for boaters and paddleboarders.

This aerial photograph shows Lake Erie in the northern part of the state, where it is the largest lake in the world and home to more than 7 million people.

This aerial photograph of Lake Superior is taken July 12 from a helicopter in Ontario, on the northern shore of the lake.

This lake is home to many species of fish, including blue whales and walrus.

This shot was taken with a GoPro camera.

This particular image was captured from a single point, and that point is just a few meters