By Laura Smith and Tom Kocher Bytom,The Globe And May 12, 2018 10:24:11The Alberta Power System is looking to move forward with its ambitious plan to modernize its power generation, storage and distribution infrastructure.

The system’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim Gormley, says the company is working to develop a smart grid for Alberta and beyond that can be connected to the grid, whether it’s at home or work.

Gormley says the province is moving forward with a smart-grid technology to provide more control over the energy used and the energy grid, and a distributed energy system that uses electricity as a source of power.

It’s a project that is well underway in the province, he said.

He said that’s because the power grid is getting better, and the need for smarter grid infrastructure is growing.

Gomerley says Alberta is in the midst of an energy transition and has made significant investments in renewable energy, but he said Alberta’s energy grid needs to be updated.

“We’re in the process of updating the grid.

We’re going to be updating it in the next few years, but it’s going to take some time,” he said in an interview with The Globe and Mail.

Gomersley said the province has developed a number of different technologies and technologies to manage the energy flow.

It has been working on the idea of a smart system that would monitor and control the energy usage of Alberta’s power infrastructure.

He says Alberta’s Smart Grid has the potential to make this process more efficient and efficient, and also provide a more secure, predictable and secure energy system for the province.

Alberta’s energy system is made up of multiple different electricity generation and transmission systems.

The Alberta Power Systems Smart Grid aims to deliver the best possible energy for consumers.

It also aims to improve reliability and security in the energy system by reducing the amount of energy needed for the power system.

Gorman says the Smart Grid is not just a project in Alberta.

He points to other energy systems in other provinces.

Alberta’s smart grid is a project to be developed and tested in other jurisdictions in the future.

Gommingsley said Alberta has been looking to the future, and is looking at energy-related infrastructure like transmission, power transmission, distribution and distribution to be able to deliver its energy system to consumers and businesses in the coming years.