Power sources BBC Sport has compiled a comprehensive list of power sources you need to get you to work.

Power sources BBC sport has compiled the power consumption of a typical laptop computer and is divided into three categories: laptops with USB ports, laptop computers with integrated graphics and integrated graphics cards.

In the end, you will have to decide what you want to use the power for.

Laptop laptops with integrated GPUs are the most energy-efficient and have a maximum wattage of about 8 watts.

AMD is the top power producer of integrated GPUs.

The laptop with integrated video cards has a maximum power consumption that is about 4 watts.

These laptops can be found with Intel HD Graphics and Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, and the maximum wattages are around 7 watts.

The laptop computers using integrated graphics are the least energy-hungry.

They have a power consumption between 4 and 5 watts.

They are often found with integrated Intel HD graphics, and maximum wattAGES are between 5 and 7 watts depending on the card.

Nvidia GeForce graphics are a great power source for laptops.

With integrated graphics, you need a laptop with a GeForce 9 series or above.

The maximum wattAGE is between 3 and 5 wattAGES.

HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports are the power sources of the laptop.

A laptop that is powered by USB ports can only consume around 1 wattAGE.

USB 3 ports are available in all laptops.

The laptop computer with integrated USB 3 port can consume about 1 wattage.

USB 2 ports are only available in some laptops.

Some laptops with a USB 3 or USB 2 port can also be powered by a DisplayPort.

You will need a Display Port port in order to use a laptop as a desktop computer.

A Display Port is not a separate power source and is therefore not included in the total power consumption.

The power consumption and wattAGE of a laptop is determined by the graphics card that is being used.

When you buy a laptop, you should look at the power draw and wattage for the graphics that you are looking to use.

You should also look at how much of the power is consumed by the laptop computer, if any.

For example, a laptop computer has more wattAGE when it is powered from USB ports.

A laptop computer that has integrated graphics needs a minimum power consumption in order for it to function.

This minimum power draw is the wattAGE or wattage divided by the maximum power the graphics chip can deliver.

If you have a laptop that has a lower wattAGE, you may want to consider buying a different laptop.