If you have an iPhone X or XS, you’re not alone.

The next-generation iPhone, which will be announced at an event in September, will be the last iPhone in the series.

But the company hasn’t said when the next iPhone will come out, and it’s hard to imagine Apple will change its mind about it.

In addition to a new iPhone, Apple is also reportedly considering a new MacBook Air and a new iPad Pro.

The company is also rumored to be working on a “mini” MacBook Pro.

If Apple decides to make these changes, it could significantly disrupt the iPhone market.

It’s hard for Apple to make a new phone that will appeal to every market, and this could cause Apple to rethink its strategy.

So what does Apple need to make this new phone more appealing?

Here are five ways Apple could change its iPhone design.


Make the screen thinner The iPhone X and XS will likely be thinner than the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple already has two phones that are smaller than the 7 Plus: the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. That means Apple would have to make another phone with a slightly thinner display.

This would be a great way to make the new iPhone even thinner than that iPhone.

Apple could even make a thinner display to make it easier to carry around.


Make it faster The iPhone 7 and 8 Plus were among the fastest phones ever released.

The iPhone 8 will be a lot faster than the previous iPhone, but the iPhone X will be faster than previous iPhones.

The difference in speed could make a big difference in how many apps people use.


Improve the camera Apple is rumored to introduce a new 12MP sensor in the iPhone 10.

But Apple has never released a new camera that is more than one percent faster than what the iPhone 6s camera was.

Apple has always improved the camera for the iPhone and iPad, so it would be an odd move to make improvements for the new device.


Introduce more battery life The iPhone 10 will have a battery that is 10 percent bigger than the one found in the current iPhone.

The battery size is important because many people prefer to use an iPhone battery that isn’t too small.


Introducing new features like Apple Pay The new iPhone will likely include support for Apple Pay, a mobile payment system.

There’s a good chance that the new phone will support Apple Pay as well.

We’re expecting to see a lot of new Apple products announced this year.

And if you’re one of the hundreds of millions of people who bought an iPhone, the new design of the next-gen iPhone could change your life.