With the price of electricity soaring, the cost of getting the same amount of energy through the power grid is spiralling.

The cheapest option is to buy the same number of energy-intensive products from the big power generators.

These include electricity generators, gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and coal plants.

But the cheaper option is not to go the traditional gas or coal route.

In this case, you could be paying about $150 a month to use your electricity supply.

If you are paying the electricity tax, the tax will be deducted and the cost will rise by the amount you pay.

If your bill is going to be $500, that is $150 per month.

But, as a general rule, this will save you money over the lifetime of your electricity bill.

So if you want to get the cheapest price, here are the top three best ways to save on your electricity bills.1.

Pay a gas tax instead of a electricity tax2.

Use your electricity to charge your phone instead of charging your gas or LNG plants3.

Save your money by switching to renewable energy like solar or wind, or get rid of your power bill altogetherThe first three tips will save your money, but the fourth tip is the most important.

When you pay your electricity tax or power bill, you will also pay a gas or liquefy tax.

This is a fee that the gas and LNG companies charge to your power provider.

This fee is deducted and passed onto you.

You may think this will cost you money, especially if you pay $1,000 a year for your electricity, but there is a lot of cost savings in switching to this alternative.

If it was a $1 million-a-year electricity bill, it would cost about $10 million to switch.

But when you pay the gas tax, you pay just $2,000.

This will save around $500 per year.

The gas tax has been cut from the $2 per thousand cubic metres ($6 per barrel) to $2.50 per thousand.

This means that if you are buying a home in Sydney, you would save $300 a year in gas tax on your home.

This is great news if you live in a suburb of Sydney or a large urban area.

But if you rent or buy a home, you should be saving a lot more money because the gas is not taxed in the first place.

If I want to pay $2 a thousand for electricity, I can find a cheaper alternative.

For example, you can find out what a gas price would be for a gas station in Melbourne and use that to calculate the price for the electricity you will use in your home or office.

It is also possible to save money by using the power to charge a mobile phone.

This will save $1 a month for you and for your energy supplier.

You can find more savings using the Smart Meter calculator.

There are many options to save.

But the three that are the most popular are:1.

Buy energy-efficient appliances that do not require electricity2.

Go for a smart thermostat3.

Use solar panels4.

Use the solar power to run your electrician, accountant or other business.1) Smart thermostats are great, but you need to buy them to use them.

The more efficient they are, the less they cost to produce.

The energy efficiency of a thermostatic appliance is determined by the temperature and humidity of the home.

It depends on the insulation, the material and how the insulation is made.

A thermostatically manufactured refrigerator has the most energy efficiency, but it is very expensive.

It is worth saving $500 to $1000 to buy a thertopat with more energy efficiency.2) Go for gas appliances, but only if you can afford to pay the price you would pay for gas in your own home.

If the price is $1.30 a litre for gas, then you will save about $100 a year on your gas bill.

However, you must get a gas-fired power station licence to buy gas appliances in your area.

You should also consider solar panels, which use the sun’s energy to generate electricity.

Solar panels are typically around $100 each, so this is a good investment for many people.

They can be a great alternative to buying gas appliances and also save you from gas taxes.

Solar electricity is cheaper than electricity from a gas generator and can be used to heat and cool your home if you have an air conditioner.3) Go with solar power instead of gas, but with the same price.

This option is also great for many.

Solar power is more efficient than gas electricity and can save you about $200 a year.4) Go without electricity, saving money with solar energy.

This may seem like a good idea, but solar energy is less efficient than the natural gas, coal and natural gas power plants that you are currently paying the gas price for.