You can now install your solar system inside your car with a simple little DIY project, the first of its kind.

Power source manufacturer PowerSource says it has a solar panel mounted inside a car that can charge the battery.

“We’re a leader in the solar car industry, and the SolarCity car battery is a game changer for the industry,” PowerSource CEO Mike Jankowski told

“Our goal is to help the average car owner get a better electric car, as well as drive an electric vehicle when they drive.”

Mr Jankowsky said the solar panel, which costs about $250, would power the car’s battery when it is not in use.

“You’ll be able to charge it when it’s not in the car,” he said.

The PowerSource solar panel is mounted inside the car.

Photo: PowerSource “When you have the sun, you have to be able get more power out.”

The company has been building the Solar Car for more than a year and Mr Jankowski said the product would not be able, at this stage, to drive the Tesla Model S.

“If you have a solar car, you can charge it,” he explained.

“It’s like a plug-in hybrid, but when you plug it in it has the power of a gasoline car.”

Mr and Mrs Jankowksi are now installing the solar system in their Tesla, which they plan to use as a personal charger for their electric cars.

They are hoping to install the Solar car at their Melbourne home soon.

“The first thing we want to do is install the car on our driveway and we’ll start to see the solar power go off when the sun is shining,” Mrs Janeko said.

“That’s when we’re going to have a real advantage, as it will be really good for our electric car.”

The Powersource solar panel costs about about $249.

PowerSource is offering a $500 discount for customers who upgrade to the SolarCAR.

It is designed to be used in the home, so is available in a wide range of materials including aluminum, glass, glass fibre and plastic.

Mr Janski said PowerSource had already started work on the project and that a small team was working on it.

“As soon as we get our solar system installed, we’re really excited about it,” Mr Jansowski said.

Mr and Ms Janko are planning to upgrade their solar system to be more energy efficient.

“When we have the car, we’ll be a lot better off,” Mr Jacksi said.

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