The only way to stop Trump’s agenda is for America to get back on track, the only way we can make America great again is to restore the power of our economy, writes Andrew McCarthy.

Trumpcare was the latest attempt by the Republican Party to make us more like the USSR, a country in which, for all intents and purposes, we had just the opposite of our modern freedoms.

Trump’s healthcare plan would strip us of our most cherished freedom, our right to keep and bear arms.

It would make us a nation of thugs and criminals.

It is a cruel and cynical attack on the Constitution, and it is an attack on American liberty.

Trumpism is the latest incarnation of a long history of right-wing Republican attacks on the power and freedom of the American people.

For decades, the GOP has tried to strip away at the core of the Constitution.

It’s been the party of the slave owners, of the robber barons, of anti-Semites, and of anti-“big government” Republicans.

This has been a party that has pushed through a series of rightwing assaults on the rights of the citizenry, from the creation of a national ID card to the repeal of the Voting Rights Act.

But today, the party that built the Republican party and gave birth to its political dynasty is in retreat.

It has given up on the idea of building a great country, a democracy, and a republic.

Instead, it has embraced an increasingly radical and authoritarian brand of conservatism.

For a long time, this Republican Party had been a powerful force in the United States, helping to build a great nation, a tolerant and liberal society.

That’s why the party is still around.

But it’s been replaced by an extremist, authoritarian brand.

Trump has used the presidency to advance this brand.

In his first days in office, he used his bully pulpit to attack his political opponents.

He has attacked judges who had overturned his campaign promises.

He used his executive powers to try to shut down the federal government and, more recently, to try and get rid of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, the Affordable care act that has become a centerpiece of the Trump administration’s health care agenda.

The result has been that the Trump presidency has unleashed an unprecedented level of authoritarianism, with a growing number of Americans believing that the government is taking their guns, their freedoms, and even their lives away.

The only path to restoring our democracy and our rights is to make America Great again.

And it begins with reversing this assault on the American way of life.

For the past two decades, this country has enjoyed a constitutional system of government that is at its most democratic and at its greatest representative of the people, a system that has been built by the American Founding Fathers and is one of the reasons that our republic was founded.

The founders of this country understood that when people of different political persuasions work together to govern, democracy grows, the economy grows, and the rights and liberties of the individual are protected.

But the Trump era has made it clear that this system has been hijacked by a few big-government extremists.

For too long, they have exploited the fears of the majority to force their agenda on the people.

And now, in the Trump Era, they are gaining ground.

They have exploited anger over rising health care costs, over the lack of health care for millions of Americans, over a crumbling infrastructure, and over their inability to negotiate a trade agreement with the Chinese.

Trump is now the first president in American history to use executive authority to take away from American citizens, particularly immigrants, their rights, and their lives.

Trump wants to make it easier for companies to fire American workers and to close American borders to immigrants.

He wants to repeal Obamacare.

He’s been particularly aggressive on climate change, threatening to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate action, and he wants to dismantle the Clean Power Plan.

These actions would lead to the destruction of the foundations of our democracy.

For Trump to be successful in undoing the progress of the last two decades of Republican governance, he must understand that the people of America are not going to forgive him for his destructive, unelected actions.

It will be impossible for him to undo the damage done by his predecessors, and Trump cannot be trusted to restore democracy and protect the rights, freedoms, or lives of the millions of people he has empowered.

To make sure that we’re on the right track, we must restore the American dream.

The American Dream is the promise that our forefathers made to their children and to their grandchildren, and they know that they will not be forgotten.

We must not let him take our dream away from us.

We have been lied to, cheated, and betrayed by this man for far too long.

He is an extremist.

He does not respect the rule of law.

And he does not care about the values of the United Americans.

And we must not give him the chance to turn us back.

The people of our country have