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SmartThings SmartThings is an open source, cross platform, integrated system for creating and managing devices, connected devices, sensors, sensors systems and other connected devices.

Smartthings can be used in a wide variety of applications and applications, and can be integrated into almost any smart home or control system.

Smart devices and their capabilities can be controlled using the SmartThings APIs and services, allowing for an open and extensible platform that allows anyone to create their own smart home solutions.

Smart objects can be built on top of SmartThings systems and sensors, and the sensors can be connected to the smart objects via a standard Ethernet or WiFi connection.

SmartHome – SmartThings’ new hub of devices, smart home sensors, smart appliances and other smart products is designed to help make smart home automation as simple as possible, while enabling users to take full advantage of their devices.

With the SmartHome app, users can quickly build and connect their smart home devices and accessories to their SmartThings hub, enabling them to easily share and control all their devices in one place.

Smart Things SmartThings also provides access to the Smart Hub, an intelligent hub that provides the information needed to configure, manage, and control the devices in your home.

Users can control SmartThings devices with a smartphone app, or through an IoT gateway.

IoT Gateway – The IoT Gateway allows users to access the Smart Things Hub and Smart Hub hub via a simple web-based interface.

The gateway can also be used to connect SmartThings Hubs, SmartThings sensors, Smart Hub devices, and IoT devices to a single gateway, so users can use SmartThings to control devices and devices to control users.

The IoT gateway also supports SmartThings hubs and SmartThings IoT devices, enabling a seamless user experience.

The SmartHub – SmartHub is a hub-like device that can be installed and used in any SmartHome.

SmartHubs are designed to connect to the Hub, and connect to other Hubs.

The hub acts as a hub, allowing users to control and control Smartthings devices, devices to be connected, and Smart Things IoT devices.

IoT Hub – SmartHubs are designed for use with SmartThings HomeKit.

The Hub connects to the hub, and enables users to configure SmartThings accessories, and connects to other IoT Hubs and SmartHub devices.

The smart hub connects to devices that are connected to a hub and has access to SmartThings and IoT Hub data, allowing a seamless experience.