With the election looming, a new round of ‘fake media’ attacks has started to take root in the White House.

But who are the key players behind the campaign to discredit the president’s claim of widespread voter fraud?

Here are five prominent Republicans who are helping to spearhead the effort.


Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona Joe Arpaio has long been a leading critic of the Trump administration.

Now, as Trump ramps up his own voter fraud crusade, the retired sheriff is pushing back against the media narrative that he was the victim of voter fraud.

The Arizona Republican has launched a new website, Arpaio for President, which seeks to dispel the notion that Arpaio and other Republicans were actively engaged in voter fraud, and that the election was stolen.

In a recent op-ed in The Hill, Arpaio argued that Trump’s claims were not accurate.

“President Trump’s campaign has been using lies to attack and smear our candidates and our party,” he wrote.

“We have had no evidence that voter fraud exists, and President Trump’s claim that we are being investigated is not credible.

He is not a liar.

We know he is lying.”

Trump is currently seeking the Republican nomination for president, and Arpaio has already taken heat for his stance on the issue.

When Trump was still running for re-election in 2016, Arpaio, a Republican, was one of the top GOP contenders to replace Trump in the race.

But after the president won the presidency, Arpaio became one of his chief antagonists.

He’s now a major Trump critic, with the former president publicly criticizing Arpaio for his support for the Trump Administration.

Arpaio has also been one of Trump’s harshest critics on social media, writing that the president was “a pathological liar” and calling his claims “fake news.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin has long championed Trump’s voter fraud claims.

Palin was one the early voices in the Republican Party calling for the GOP to get behind the Trump campaign during the election.

Palin has since become a major critic of Trump on social-media platforms, and has also joined the White Trump administration in trying to defend Trump.

Palin’s former running mate, vice president Mike Pence, and her daughter, Chelsea, are also members of the administration.

Trump is reportedly still trying to find a replacement for Pence, who is retiring at the end of this month.

The Trump administration is also reportedly considering the removal of Vice President Mike Pence from the job.


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. (R-S)Graham is one of several Republican lawmakers who have spoken out about the voter fraud issue, and he has called for a bipartisan commission to investigate the allegations.

Graham, who was one at the forefront of the investigation, recently argued that voter ID laws are “very, very difficult to pass.”

He also said that voter intimidation is not just a “tactical advantage” for the voter ID law supporters, but also the reason they are pushing for such laws.

A bipartisan commission has been created to investigate voter fraud and has been formed in Congress.

Graham also argued that the media should not focus on the fact that “voter fraud is not the problem,” but rather focus on “the false claims of fraud.”

Graham has previously called on the president to release his full voter registration list.



Tom Cotton, R.I., and Ted Cruz, R.-Texas (R)Both Cotton and Cruz have joined in the fight against Trump.

Cotton has joined the administration to urge Congress to hold hearings on the allegations, while Cruz has also called for hearings.

Cruz has pushed back on Trump’s efforts to “disenfranchise” millions of Americans, arguing that those voting without IDs are just as likely to vote Democrat.

Cotton has been one the most vocal Republicans pushing back on the voter-ID law, calling it “the most anti-American piece of legislation in the country,” and arguing that “Voter ID laws make it harder for Americans to vote and they make it less likely for American citizens to be able to vote.”

Cruz has also pushed back against efforts by the Trump White House to push back against a Supreme Court ruling that upheld the legality of the Voting Rights Act.

He has argued that voting laws “have nothing to do with discrimination” and that it’s important for the Supreme Court to hear arguments on the law before deciding on the constitutionality of the law.


Rep. Trent Franks, R., Arizona Rep. Franks has been an outspoken opponent of Trump and his voter fraud efforts.

He recently called Trump’s false claim of millions of votes being stolen “fake.”

During an interview with Fox News, Franks argued that “I think the real issue here is that this is not only a national security issue.

It’s a domestic issue as well