Power outage impacting more than one quarter of NSW, Victoria and South Australia, with the Government announcing the latest in a series of measures to tackle cyber criminals and hackers.

Power disruptions are impacting people in remote areas and remote communities across the country, including communities across Victoria, South Australia and NSW.

As of 9:30am on Saturday, power had been restored to nearly 80 per cent of households in Victoria, while nearly two thirds of homes in South Australia had been returned to normal, according to the state’s Power Networks and Infrastructure Bureau (PNIB).

“I can assure you that we are working hard to provide a high level of support for businesses and individuals affected by this outage,” Minister for Power, Energy and Water Mark Bailey said.

“The Department has been working with the local authorities to deliver services, including to people who may need assistance with their electricity needs, including a number of community service appointments and urgent maintenance.”

Mr Bailey said the Government was working closely with businesses and agencies to provide services to affected customers.

“The Government is also making an effort to improve the resilience of the state power grid by working closely closely with key stakeholders including state power producers and power retailers to strengthen the resilience and stability of the grid,” he said.

“In addition, we are encouraging the state government to invest in the capacity of state government-owned and operated generators to provide more reliable and reliable energy services to customers in remote communities and remote locations.”

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