An industrial design firm is developing a new, electric lift-and-drop power system that’s better than any of the competitors that compete with it in the Sinergys Lift to Lift Power segment.

The new design combines a conventional battery pack with a novel, non-linear powertrain that includes a drivetrain that combines a turbine-driven engine with a lift-assisted system that rotates a turbine to provide a lift for the vehicle.

The result is the highest lift-per-ton-force ratio of any electric lift system currently available, according to a report from Sinergie Power.

The company, based in Munich, Germany, is developing the new lift-powered Sinergiks to power commercial and industrial applications such as lifting equipment, power plant machinery, tractors, trucks, trailers, and buses.

The firm says the new system is currently in testing, and will be commercialized by the end of 2019.

“This is the first electric lift power system to achieve this,” said Sinergergys CEO Klaus Hirsch in a statement.

“The first one to use an electric motor in combination with a power system is not an easy task, but this is our goal and it is our hope that our product will be able to deliver on that goal.”

The company is developing four prototypes of the system, including the S4-8.0.

The system, called the S3-6.2, is capable of lifting up to 10 tons and dropping up to 1,200 pounds.

The S3, however, only has the power of a standard 5.7 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack.

That battery pack can store up to 30 kilowatts of energy, but the S5.5, which is a higher capacity, can store 30 kilos.

The highest power available is a maximum of 100 kilowats per kilogram.

The maximum weight that the S2.0 system can lift is 12 tons.

The latest S3 prototype weighs only 8.5 tons, according the company.

The lift-equipped S3 can lift up to 8.7 tons, but can drop a maximum weight of 8,300 pounds.

“We are working on a new generation of the Sintergergies Lift to Fly Power that we are developing with the goal of reaching our maximum lift-energy output, which will be at least 100 tons per kilo,” said Hirsch.

“In our future, this will mean that we can achieve a maximum lift of up to 100 tons and drop an even greater amount of weight at least twice as much.”

Sinergarie Power is already producing the S1-6 Sinergruppe, a similar electric lift platform that has been available since 2016.

That S1 powertrain is used in the BMW i8, which uses a similar powertrain to the S6 model.

Sinergas is also developing a smaller version of its lift-based S1 engine, the S-6S2, which can lift a maximum 10 tons, and can drop down to 9 tons.

S1 has a maximum power of 10 kilowat-hours.

The smaller S2 is currently the only electric lift vehicle that can drop weight to less than 10 tons.

“There is a huge need for power-generating electric lifts, especially for tractors and heavy-duty vehicles,” Hirsch said.

“For tractors with a payload of 100 tons or more, we believe the Ssinergies is the right solution.”

The Sinergs S3 system is powered by a 4,000-horsepower electric motor.

It weighs 5,000 kilograms, and has a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour.

S2, S3 and S4 models all feature a 6,500-horse powertrain, according Sinergurie Power.

S3 models also offer two different transmission options, with the top speed available as a 1-minute drive mode and the 2-minute option.

S4 and S5 models also feature a 7,500 horsepower engine.