The president is trying to turn the war on coal into a war on the coal industry, as he puts it, in a tweet Monday.

“Trump wants to destroy the coal-fired power industry, but we need more coal to power our factories and homes,” he tweeted.

“Coal will be back.”

He added: “We will not stop at coal.

We will replace it with renewable energy.

We are already replacing coal with cleaner and cheaper alternatives.

The battle against the coal companies is now over!”

“Trump will destroy the oil and gas industry and destroy coal as we know it,” he added.

“The fight against coal will be over.


Trump’s tweet comes after the president tweeted that he will “fight for every single American coal miner and every single one of the millions of Americans who depend on coal for their livelihood.”

The tweet comes as he prepares to sign executive orders to roll back some of the president’s climate policies.

Trump, who will be the first sitting president to visit a coal-mining area in nearly three decades, said in a statement Monday: “America will not be forced to fight for coal anymore.”

Trump will visit the Marcellus Shale region in Pennsylvania, where he has proposed a ban on hydraulic fracturing and a proposal to allow the federal government to subsidize the production of renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power.