UPS is announcing an aggressive expansion plan at some of its plants that will boost production of power at the company’s U.S. plants, and is adding several new plants to its existing fleet.

The company said Wednesday it plans to boost production capacity to 50% from 35% at its current plants.

It will also increase its capacity at existing plants to 25% from 20% and increase capacity at the existing plants by an additional 10% to 20% from 25%.

“We’re excited about our new capacity growth plans, and the additional capacity we’re adding to our existing plants will help us better meet the increasing demand for electricity from the U.s. market,” said Brian Kowalski, president of UPS Energy.UPS also is adding another 300 to 500MW of new capacity to its capacity, which includes more than 100MW of coal-fired plants, the company said.

The expansion is part of the companys plans to build out its power infrastructure, including adding more than 3,000MW of transmission lines, a significant expansion of its distribution infrastructure.

In the U, the UMWF said it expects to see another 3,400MW of capacity added in the next few years.

The UMWB said its new capacity at its existing plants would add an additional 500MW to its total installed capacity in 2019.

The growth in capacity comes as UPS is expanding its U.K. operations, with an estimated 30 new megawatts of capacity planned for the company by 2021.

UPS said it is adding capacity to existing U.KS facilities, including at its Hinkley Point nuclear power plant, as well as at its first two plants in Ireland.