Anker has announced its first-ever smartphone powered by its own battery technology, and the company is calling it the Ankar PowerSource.

The PowerSource, which was unveiled during a keynote at the CES 2016 trade show in Las Vegas, has been designed to provide users with a more energy-efficient device.

The PowerSource will be available starting next month, and is expected to be the first smartphone to use Anker’s own battery technologies.

Anker has a long history of partnering with battery companies to bring power to devices.

It has made its own lithium ion batteries, as well as its own polymer batteries, for its PowerSource and PowerMax devices.

Ankle, an electric shoe manufacturer that has been using Anker batteries for years, will be using the Ankle PowerSource for its Anker Ultra power packs, which include the PowerSource in the U.S.

Ankar is working on its own batteries, which will eventually be available in other countries as well.

The company is hoping to be able to sell the batteries through distributors in the next year or two.

Anker is expected, however, to have a few more battery suppliers in the pipeline.

Anki is also making an effort to sell its own power packs and products to the consumer market, as it works to ramp up its battery production.

This includes a new PowerSource that will be released later this year, and a new battery for Anker users in the UK, the company said in a statement.