In his postgame press conference, Cubs manager Joe Maddon said the team would get the APC from the New York Mets to power the lineup.

“It’s an exciting time in the world of power,” Maddon added.

“We’re going to do what we can to get the power, and I’m excited about that.

But I’ll leave it at that.

I think it’s exciting.”

In fact, the Mets have used a combination of the APD-type unit and the MLB-based “Beltline” system to power their offense for the past three seasons.

However, the Cubs have used an entirely different combination this season.

The team announced in mid-June that it was using the APM-type APC, a combination that has been used by the Mets, who have had success with the APB-type system.

The Cubs also announced that they would be using the MLBP-type, a unit that has not been used for three seasons in New York.

The MLBP utilizes a combination (mostly) of the two units in the same ballpark, and the Cubs were the first team to run the two at the same time.

The APC is not new to the Cubs, but the MLB’s implementation of it has been the most recent and most dramatic.

The Mets, on the other hand, had no power struggles, and Maddon indicated that the team had “a new, modern, exciting, new look.”

In the aftermath of the Cubs’ 7-3 loss to the Nationals on Thursday, the organization issued a press release that outlined some of the changes to the lineup that the Cubs will be utilizing, including that the starters will be in the bullpen.

Here’s the full press release: Cubs’ starting pitching lineup for the second straight season will be the same as the one used in 2016: Matt Garza (1B), John Lackey (OF), Addison Russell (2B), Kyle Schwarber (OF) …

Jon Lester (1A), Kyle Hendricks (OF/1B) and Jake Arrieta (SP) will be at the plate in the left-center field corner.

Matt Joyce (2C) will bat in left field.

Kris Bryant (1C), Kris Bryant Jr. (2CF), Kris Benson (3B), Anthony Rizzo (3DH) and Jorge Soler (SP/RP) will pinch hit in the outfield.

Adam LaRoche (OF, OF) will pitch the ninth inning.

The lineup for Saturday’s game against the Mets will look much like last season’s, with Bryant at 1B, Byrd at 2B, Bryant Jr., LaRoch and Byrd in left and Byrd at 3B.

Bryant, Byrd and LaRoches will bat first, with Byrd batting in the corner.

Bryant Jr, Byrd, LaRochet and LaRoche will pinch-hit in the eighth inning.

Bryant will be making his first start for the Cubs since last July.

In addition to the rotation changes, Maddon stated that the lineup for Sunday’s game will look the same.

Here are the roster changes: Cubs starters (1-3) — Brandon Finnegan (1b), Kyle Freeland (2b), Andrew Miller (3b), Jon Lester, Addison Walker (OF); RHP Jake Arriaga (1a), Kyle Lohse (2a); RHP Joe Maddons (1f), Zack Wheeler (3f); RHP Jon Lester; RHP Jake Westbrook (1g), Jorge Solers; RHP Joe Nathan; RHP Josh Beckett; RHP Zack Wheeler, RHP Kyle Hendricks; RHP Jose Quintana; RHP Chris Sale; RHP Jonny Venters; C Joe Kelly.

Mets starters (0-3-1) — Matt Harvey (1d), Noah Syndergaard (1c), Noah SYndergaard Jr., Adam Lind (2c), David Wright, Zach Wheeler (1o), Todd Frazier; RHP Jacob deGrom, Carlos Torres, Alex Torres, Lucas Giolito, Matt Garciaparra, Dillon Gee, Adam Rubin, Andrew Knapp, David Wright.